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We live in a world with a plethora of streaming apps and services. It's nice to see one of them try to streamline themselves. HBO Max will replace HBO GO and HBO NOW at the end of July 2020. AT&T and Warner Bros. are hoping to be another serious competitor in the digital streaming business.

One of their deals will bring us a new cut of Justice League! The 2017 film will have a new life as the #SnyderCut will be an exclusive to HBO Max in 2021. Will you watch the new cut of the film?

We are The Rabblecast!

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If you are looking for something to do while most things are closed or shut down we recommend looking into a virtual reality headset. We recently picked up an, Oculus Quest headset and we have been experimenting with different games and ways to interact with others socially from the comfort of our living room.

Also, in the idea of enjoying things from home, we recently watched Rian Johnson's, Knives Out(2019). A murder mystery story told in the styling of, Agatha Christie. See if you can figure out the guilty party before the credits roll.

And last but certainly not least, we are thrilled to see the return of, Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix.

We are The Rabblecast!

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