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Rabblecast Ep. 387 - Deaths in Professional Wrestling

Death... it's a common occurrence in this thing we call, life. In this episode of The Rabblecast, Erik and Doug take a look at some of the things that contribute to early deaths in the world of professional wrestling.


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Rabblecast Ep. 386 - CM Punk Joins UFC, Impact Wrestling Update

By now everyone has talked about, reported on, and formed their own opinion on the whole CM Punk/WWE story. Some think WWE screwed up and ignored one of their best talents. Others feel betrayed by CM Punk for leaving at the height of his popularity. Then, there are those that still believe that this is all a big elaborate story being told by the WWE and CM Punk will make a triumphant return.

All of this gets turned upside down with the announcement of CM Punk signing with the UFC! Does he have what it takes to battle in the Octagon? Opinions and theories are already running rampant. But we will have to wait and see when CM Punk debuts in the UFC in 2015.

All of this and more Professional Wrestling news await you in this episode.

We are The Rabblecast!

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