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Where has the show gone? Will it be on iTunes? Why won't you call me?

Ok, I made up that last one. Hello Rabblecast listeners, Hernandez here. If you're reading this before listening to this episode/announcement, realize it is not an actual episode. I wanted to take some time and address why there was no show last week and why the show has been "suspended".

We are working to get things straightened out before going forward with anymore episodes. We are taking this very seriously and hope to have things back on track very soon.

We want to thank our listeners for their support during all of this and we will update everyone soon. Listen to our State of The Rabble Address for more details.


We are The Rabblecast!

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Rabblecast Ep. 381 - TNA Bound For Glory Card Rundown,  WWE Network Renewals

One of the most important PPV's in TNA history is almost upon us in the form of, Bound for Glory 2014! The guys do a rundown of the card and give their thoughts on what seems to be an unexpected show roster. Keep in mind this is a TNA/Wrestle-1 joint show and talent from Wrestle-1 will also be showcased on the PPV. Will this be mark in the "Win" column for TNA? Or will they miss the mark on one of their most ambitious shows to date?

WWE Network subscribers, be warned, if you have let your subscription lapse. WWE is pulling out all the stops to try and get you to renew. Even to the point of hyping a PPV that doesn't have any matches listed for it yet. Has the WWE Network lived up to the fans expectations? Will WWE have good news when it comes time to report their quarterly results?


We are The Rabblecast!

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Rabblecast Ep. 380 - WWE Fans Still Ordering PPV's, TNA NY Gold Rush Results, and More!

This week, the guys cover some of the lighter news in the world of Professional Wresting. Batista's new movie role, the dress code at Hulk Hogan's restaurant, WWE fans still buying PPV's through regular means, and more!

Of course we can't forget about TNA Wrestling and the recent update to their upcoming Bound for Glory PPV in Tokyo, Japan. As well as the recent "New York Gold Rush" Tournament in which the winner is able to challenge for whichever TNA title they so choose.


We are The Rabblecast!

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