The Rabblecast

During this crazy time some of us have been given time to be home. Time with our families, time with our hobbies, or just time by ourselves. What do you do to pass the time?

On this episode, we try to give everyone out there a few suggestions on what to do, what to watch, or just a way to pass the time until we can get back to some sort of a routine.

Have any suggestions? If you want to share some of your stories let us know!

We are The Rabblecast!

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It's been awhile, but the show is back! Listen in and let's catch up with a few different things in this crazy time that we're all going through. Although this is just a catch up episode, we do talk about how the current pandemic has affected not only us as individuals, but some of the different industries that we rely upon for entertainment.

Let's jump in and get back to having some fun with this episode. There's more on the way! Thank you for listening.


We are The Rabblecast!

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