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Rabblecast 403 - Body Slam The Movie Part 1...

They guys gather at the studio to go over and share their notes on the 1986 direct to VHS cult film, Body Slam! We find out what happens when a "down on his luck" music manager decides to make the jump into the world of professional wrestling. Taking two singles competitors and a local garage band to brand new heights.

Starring: Dirk Benedict, Tanya Roberts, Roddy Piper, and Capt. Lou Albano


We are The Rabblecast!

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This week, Hernandez does a fill-in episode all by his lonesome. What's on his mind? Glad you asked. Wrestling, comics, movies... what more could you ask for? Covered in this thrilling episode: The debut of Samoa Joe at NXT's Unstoppable special, Destination America cancelling TNA's Impact Wrestling, and the ongoing development of Marvel and DC movies and TV shows.


We are The Rabblecast!

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We're back! Some of you may have missed us. After a little over month of time off, we have returned to the studio to catch up and get things rolling once again. Doug and Hernandez are joined by the one and only, "Spankmaster" himself, Jimmy!

We talk some wrestling as well as few other points. If you've never listened to the show before, this is a great jumping on point. Coffee, guns, The Doomsday clock, are just some of the various things that were brought up during the show.


We are The Rabblecast!

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