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Rabblecast 415 - Summerslam Results and Fallout

The biggest event of the summer, WWE's Summerslam 2015 was poised to be the second biggest PPV event for the company. "Wrestlemania in the summer time" was the main push. The big match-ups, the celebrity appearances, and a "blockbuster" main event all came together for the first ever four hour Summerslam!

This week, we tackle to different matches and the fallout that it led to on the following Monday Night RAW!

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Rabblecast 414 - A Grab Bag of News and Conversation

The guys let their inner nerd come out to play as they cover a variety of different news bits and talk about some of their personal interests. 80's music, MTV VJ's, Bachelor parties, The Church of Latter Day Hacksaws, movie news and more!

We are The Rabblecast!

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Rabblecast 413 - Who Watched the New Fantastic Four Movie?

The new Fantastic Four movie from 20th Century Fox Studios quickly became a polarizing prospect. From its initial announcement, the "die hard comic book fans" took sides. "Too soon...", "Give it back to Marvel/Disney...", "Why are they rebooting another superhero film..", were just some of the out cries from fans. But that did not stop 20th Century Fox from pushing forward with Josh Trank in the director's chair.

Josh Trank previously directed, Chronicle(2012) for 20th Century Fox which was praised as a great success for the studio and for the young director. As such, hopes were running high for a reboot/relaunch of "Marvel's First Family". The day before the domestic release, Trank took to social media, distancing himself from the film and placing blame on 20th Century Fox for the negative reviews. Who is to blame? Who watched the new Fantastic Four movie?

This week's "Horrible Event in History", The Axe Man of New Orleans.


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Rabblecast 412 - Rowdy Roddy Piper Passes Away, Hulk Hogan/WWE Split

The controversy involving WWE Hall of Famer, Hulk Hogan has been covered in depth by many different media outlets. The guys chime in with their thoughts. Was WWE right in their decision to get rid of one of the most recognizable names in the world of professional wrestling? Is this the last time we'll see Hulk Hogan in the WWE?

In other news, we are saddened to report on the passing of one of the greatest performers in WWE history, Rowdy Roddy Piper(real name, Roderick Toombs). From his early days in the territories, to his large contributions to the WWE. We discuss his wrestling history and his career outside of the "squared circle".  Rest in peace Hot Rod.

Finally, Doug files another entry into the "Horrible Events in History" file. This time, the Rosewood massacre.

We are The Rabblecast!


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