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Rabblecast 411 - Mark Post, Integrity Martial Arts

On this week's episode, we welcome Mark Post into the studio! Mark started, Integrity Martial Arts(IMA) over five years ago in the living room of his apartment with just a few friends at the time. Since then, IMA has become a burgeoning destination for anyone looking to learn, improve their training, or just work out in a martial arts atmosphere that doesn't bow to most traditional restrictions.

Mark and guys talk about his early days in martial arts training and competition as well as some of the history of martial arts itself.


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Rabblecast 404 - Body Slam The Movie Part 2!

The second and final part to our Body Slam episode is here! And we hope you enjoy what we have to say. Lights, camera, Body Slam!


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Rabblecast 403 - Body Slam The Movie Part 1...

They guys gather at the studio to go over and share their notes on the 1986 direct to VHS cult film, Body Slam! We find out what happens when a "down on his luck" music manager decides to make the jump into the world of professional wrestling. Taking two singles competitors and a local garage band to brand new heights.

Starring: Dirk Benedict, Tanya Roberts, Roddy Piper, and Capt. Lou Albano


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We're back! Some of you may have missed us. After a little over month of time off, we have returned to the studio to catch up and get things rolling once again. Doug and Hernandez are joined by the one and only, "Spankmaster" himself, Jimmy!

We talk some wrestling as well as few other points. If you've never listened to the show before, this is a great jumping on point. Coffee, guns, The Doomsday clock, are just some of the various things that were brought up during the show.


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400 episodes! Who would have thought? Erik and Doug take a little time to look back at some of the history of the show with the help of some emails from friends and listeners. But that's not all...

WWE and AJ Lee part ways. AJ Lee recently returned to WWE television after starting the #GiveDivasAChance trend on Twitter, only to announce her in-ring retirement the weekend after Wrestlemania 31. What led to her departure? Will she continue wrestling elsewhere?

FMW(Frontier Martial-arts Wrestling) recently made an announcement of a return! Known for some of its brutal matches and relationship with ECW in the 1990's, the promotion is looking to start back up in April and continue into the month of May with multiple dates to be announced. Can FMW regain the following from their heyday?


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It's over! WWE's Wrestlemania 31 arrived rather quietly and left with a big bang! Titles changed hands, surprises shocked us, and now it all begins... again. Join us as we do a rundown of one of the best Wrestlemania's in recent history. Chime in and let us know your thoughts, email us:


Just one more show from 400!


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Join show host, Hernandez as he gives a rundown of the upcoming WWE Wrestlemania 31 card. The build to this year's Wrestlemania has not been an easy journey for the WWE. In fact, many critics have already written this year's Wrestlemania off for being too predictable. Well, that all changed when WWE and Brock Lesnar announced that the two have come to a new agreement keeping Brock Lesnar in the WWE after Wrestlemania 31. What will happen now? Who will leave Wrestlemania a champion? Will leave defeated?


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Spring is in the air, as is the hype for Wrestlemania 31! WWE is counting down to their final days before their biggest event of the year. What will change between now and then? Can anything else be added to the already packed card? Time will tell as we march closer and closer to "Showcase of the Immortals".

Although the majority of the attention has been given to WWE and their annual event, there are a number of other companies trying their best to take a slice of the wrestling pie that same weekend. Companies, like Ring of Honor, Evolve, and other smaller promotions. Is there such a thing as too much wrestling in one weekend?


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WWE's developmental center, NXT has gained a lot of attention since its launch. It is the staging ground for the "future" of the WWE. On more than a few occasions there have been concerns of just how that future was being trained. A memo released by former NXT developmental wrestler, Austin Matelson (aka Austin Draven and Judas Devlin) to the WWE details some of the training conditions that he claims took place. He alleged that he participated in drills that "were hazardous to our safety," an unprofessional work environment, the use of homophobic slurs and other derogatory comments.

And now we have recently learned that Bill DeMott(aka Hugh Morris in the WCW) has stepped down as head NXT trainer after an investigation by the WWE was unable to confirm any of the allegations. What does this mean for NXT? Who will take over as the new head trainer?


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Rabblecast Ep. 395 - Rey Mysterio Joins AAA, Update on Brock Lesnar Walk Out

The WWE and Rey Mysterio(Jr.) have parted ways. While this might seem like a sad occasion to some, others are excited! Mostly due to the announcement of Rey Mysterio joining up with AAA in Mexico and the possibility of Mysterio appearing on the burgeoning show, Lucha Undergroundon the El Rey Network. What led to Rey Mysterio's departure from the WWE? How can Mysterio help AAA? It's safe to say that we have not seen the last of Rey Mysterio and his high flying moves.

In other WWE news, Brock Lesnar caused a bit of a stir when he walked out on a recent episode of Monday Night RAW. Rumors swirled and many questioned if WWE's main event for Wrestlemania was in jeopardy. While nothing specific has been reported on the incident, it has been rumored that WWE is planning a back plan just in case terms can not be reached between both parties. Will Brock Lesnar fulfill his contractual obligations? Furthermore, will Brock Lesnar stay in the WWE following Wrestlemania 31?


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