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Happy Halloween! While this is technically our Halloween episode, it is not our main topic. We do get into the frustration of seeing Christmas decorations before the month of October has even finished. Erik talks about looking forward to taking his son out Trick or Treating. And Doug finishes his list for the 31 Nights of Horror movie list.

The conversation then turns to comedy and the difference between comedy that punches up or comedy that punches down. The tradition(often times) in comedy is to punch up, never punch down. In other words, don't attack people that are already marginalized. Although, there have been comedians that have found success with material that punches down.

We then drive the show directly into a political pothole. If you have listened to the show in the past, you will know that we are not a political-centric podcast. But we do have opinions concerning current events. We do our best to make sense of a crazy political climate.

All of this and more!

*(Original recording date 10/30/2019)


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