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Rabblecast Ep. 394 - WWE Fast Lane Fallout, CM Punk Sued for Defamation

This week we take a look at WWE's Fast Lane PPV and the tentative Wrestlemania card as a result of the latest PPV offering from the WWE. With a little less than five weeks remaining, is the WWE on the right track for their biggest show of the year? What will change between now and Wrestlemania 31?

It's been months since CM Punk opened up about his final days in the WWE on, Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling podcast. Many of CM Punk's friends and co-workers warned him of the potential backlash of his words. Now, CM Punk and Colt Cabana are being hit with a defamation of character lawsuit from WWE's doctor, Chris Amann due to the comments about how CM Punk's medical situation was handled during his final days with the company.


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Rabblecast Ep. 393 - WWE Fast Lane Rundown, Samoa Joe Leaves TNA

The "final stop" on the "road to Wrestlemania" is here. WWE's Fast Lane PPV hopes to bring some clarity to the matches leading into Wrestlemania itself. Who will go on to face WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar in the biggest show of the year? Will it be the former Shield member, Roman Reigns? Or the leader of the "Yes! Movement", Daniel Bryan?

TNA Wrestling suffered a blow this week with the departure of another high profile talent in, Samoa Joe. From early reports, the situation echoes the departure of another past TNA talent, AJ Styles. How will TNA deal with the loss of another fan favorite performer? Where will Samoa Joe end up?


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Rabblecast Ep. 392 - Seth Rollins Exposed, TNA Ratings Increase, NXT News!

You have seen it happen before, when celebrities/performers take intimate photos of themselves or someone they are involved with and somehow those images get "leaked" online. The "future of the WWE", Seth Rollins is the latest victim of this type of scenario. Was his phone hacked? Did someone play a prank? More importantly, how will the WWE respond?

TNA has seen some success with their recent, Lethal Lockdown themed episode on Destination America. The concept, every match takes place inside of a steel cage. Ratings went up for the "number 2" wrestling promotion, but will it last? Also, can Jeff Hardy continue to beat up his body with crazy stunts? His fall from the cage was one of the most talked about moments when TNA originally taped this round of Impact Wrestling shows from the Manhattan Center.

Let's not forget about WWE's development center, NXT and their recent news. Triple H had some very revealing things to say about his vision for NXT and how things will move forward for those training for the opportunity to make it to RAW and Smackdown.

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Rabblecast Ep. 391 - WWE/TNA News, Chyna's Hall of Fame Candidacy

After a bumpy start, the WWE is back on track for their "Road to Wrestlemania" season. Will Roman Reigns make it to Wrestlemania to face off against, Brock Lesnar? Or will the creative minds in WWE come up with a "plan B" that will play out at the Fast Lane PPV? One thing is for sure, WWE definitely heard the reaction of the fans and they are trying to keep things steady heading into the Wrestlemania PPV event.

Also, on the "Stone Cold" Steve Austin podcast with special guest, Triple H it was asked if former WWE Diva, Chyna would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Triple H mentioned it being a difficult choice to bring her back into WWE because of her recent lifestyle, implying adult films and substance abuse issues. Should Chyna be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?


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Rabblecast Ep. 390 - 2015 Royal Rumble Fallout, RAW Canceled Due To Storm

The Royal Rumble match is one of the most interesting events in the wrestling world. With so much going on and so many moving parts it's amazing how anything can get accomplished. But the fans of the WWE beg to differ as they voiced their opinions during the final moments of the 2015 Rumble match. Is WWE repeating last year's mistake by forcibly picking Roman Reigns over Daniel Bryan?

To make things even more interesting, the next day, WWE was forced to cancel their LIVE Monday Night RAW event due to Winter Storm Juno which threatened to dump "historic" amounts of snow on the northeast. All of this and more!

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On this episode of The Rabblecast, we take a look at the upcoming card for WWE's Royal Rumble 2015! We couldn't help noticing that there are a few open spots for the Rumble match itself. This of course starts the speculation of, who might be returning for as a "surprise" entrant?

The Royal Rumble is one of the original "big four" pay per view's for the WWE. Who will emerge from the 30-man event to begin their march on the "Road to Wrestlemania"?

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Rabblecast Ep. 388 - New Year Ponderings

The Rabblecast kicks off 2015 with a brand new episode! But things take an odd turn with a little introspection.


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Rabblecast Ep. 387 - Deaths in Professional Wrestling

Death... it's a common occurrence in this thing we call, life. In this episode of The Rabblecast, Erik and Doug take a look at some of the things that contribute to early deaths in the world of professional wrestling.


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Rabblecast Ep. 386 - CM Punk Joins UFC, Impact Wrestling Update

By now everyone has talked about, reported on, and formed their own opinion on the whole CM Punk/WWE story. Some think WWE screwed up and ignored one of their best talents. Others feel betrayed by CM Punk for leaving at the height of his popularity. Then, there are those that still believe that this is all a big elaborate story being told by the WWE and CM Punk will make a triumphant return.

All of this gets turned upside down with the announcement of CM Punk signing with the UFC! Does he have what it takes to battle in the Octagon? Opinions and theories are already running rampant. But we will have to wait and see when CM Punk debuts in the UFC in 2015.

All of this and more Professional Wrestling news await you in this episode.

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Rabblecast Ep. 385 - WWE Survivor Series Fallout, TNA's  New Home: Destination America

WWE's Survivor Series event is one that is full of history and a long line of firsts and debuts(check out Ep. 384 History of Survivor Series). This year's show did not disappoint. A few shocks, a few surprises, and a debut that no one will be forgetting anytime soon. The guys rundown the results and the fallout from Survivor Series 2014 and the following Monday Night RAW!

As for TNA, it would seem that the working relationship between Spike TV and TNA has come to an end. TNA just recently announced their new TV home for Impact Wrestling in 2015, Destination America. Not many details have been released as of yet, but it will be interesting to see if TNA can make this a pivotal point for the company as a whole. Listen in for all the details that we do know, as of now.

We hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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